There Are No Mistakes In Art

Grit and Perseverence? Try–Try Again.

In art class this week our students learned about architecture! They were excited to build and couldn’t wait to get started. As the students began, a few realized that their first attempts didn’t work. A few pieces fell, another piece or two started sliding and other...

Cubism Lesson At A Glance

Cubism Lesson At A Glance

In this video you will take a look at our Cubism Lesson and see the wonderful work by our students.

The Importance of Art in Child Development (PBS)

The Importance of Art in Child Development (PBS)

We agree with the educators at PBS on the importance of art education in our classrooms! Bringing what ATGO calls "Essential Life Skills" to the forefront of a child's learning platform is not only critical in today's world, but provides a foundation for life long...

Friendship and the Art of Creative Play

Published by L.A. Parent Magazine I have great memories of friends coming over after school to play. We came up with the best ideas! From using Barbie doll cases as drums (yes, an all-girl rock band), to building forts with our pillows and blankets, to drawing on our...

The Artists Way

Published by Texture. Paint. Color. Design. Expressive. Imaginative. New. Fun. Confidence. Words that come to mind when I see children who have special needs or learning disabilities create. We all need to do it. We all need to express...

Lil’ Sneak Peek … Art in the Classroom!