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We offer signature and specialty Art Boxes and Lesson Bundles featuring the great Master Artists and Architects, designed to promote and enhance children's creativity.

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Learning Bundles from the Art Box Academy


Parents, teachers, and educators are being called upon to help facilitate new learning modalities for students. Concepts such as learning pods, home-schooling, micro-classrooms, and distance-learning are the current focus, and everyone is looking for tools to help enhance the experience, while minimizing the extra work load.

The Art Box Academy® is working to provide unique and valuable solutions for all types of teachers and students, whether virtual, in-person or a hybrid model.

Our Lesson Bundles feature the great Master Artists and Architects.

Portioned, prepared, and individualized supplies.

Ready to go.

About Us

The Art Box Academy® was founded by Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter as she saw the immense need for a packaged and deliverable way for children to create, innovate, and imagine. These Life Essential Skills are critical for all children as they grow and move through their ever changing world.

Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter of The Art Box Academy

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