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Texture. Paint. Color. Design. Expressive. Imaginative. New. Fun. Confidence.

Words that come to mind when I see children who have special needs or learning disabilities create. We all need to do it. We all need to express ourselves.  Art allows for such great experimentation, amazing pathways to discover, and endless opportunities to uncover one’s strengths and gifts.

Creating is a necessity for human kind, but for children that have special needs or learning disabilities, this platform provides something even more special and sacred and can open up a whole new world. The freedom to express oneself without a right or wrong answer elevates self-esteem and self-worth; two very critical components that only build upon each other in the most positive way.

Supplies can be from drawing tools to paints to glue to scissors to clay and fabric. With such exposure, the benefits are tremendous: fine motor skills continue to develop; new opportunities are presented to learn about spatial relationships, colors, and balance of composition. Dexterity improves, stimulation and visual acuity are heightened and task completion and focused attention are amplified.  My most favorite thing about art is it represents the individual. We all have gifts so let’s get out that paper and colored pencils and have some fun! The journey along the way can be astounding.

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Lauren Perelmuter
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