Stop: Really Take a Look Around Time Keeps Marching On

Published by L.A. Parent Magazine

As I look at my own two sons, now 6 ½ and 10 years old…I really understand what everyone was saying to me when they were born… “it goes by so fast, before you know it they will be in elementary school, driving, then collage etc…” Well, it’s true.

So many thoughts run through my mind on a daily basis regarding my parenting life like I am sure with so many of you. So many questions, concerns, and at the same time, joys! I have asked myself often – So what are the “seeds” that we parents/care providers should plant in our children? Manners? Of course! Respect! Of course! Self-esteem and self-confidence! Yes and yes!

But as I am continuing my journey into elementary school, after much thought, I truly believe that giving them the opportunity to be able to think critically, problem solve, imagine, and create will give them Life Essential Skills.

Math calls for it. Social Studies calls for it. Playing in the yard and getting into arguments calls for it – the ability to analyze a situation, concretely or theoretically coming up with solutions, and then communicating those solutions either through thought, speech, the written word, movement, or art.

I have watched our educational system and our students’ demands evolve quite closely the last 15 years. As the Founder of Art To Grow On Children’s Art Center, Inc I am fortunate to be around students, teachers, educators and educational business partners daily. There were not as many demands on our children even 5 years ago as there are today. Kindergarten is truly the new first grade. Our children’s minds need to be agile, sharp, open to new ideas, curious, passionate and creative, no matter if they become a chemist, professional athlete, teacher, artist, musician, or CEO.

Let’s all take the time to do something creative with our children this month and every month moving forward. There was a lot more free time when we were all younger. Let’s create that space for our children too. Get out those cardboard boxes and turn them into racecars or doll houses. Get out wire, tile, glue and play and create! Read books, take a walk, collect rocks!….write a letter, talk! Get dirty, sticky, and have fun. Time does march on.

These Essential Life Skills will be a gift to your child.

With much gratitude,

Lauren Perelmuter
Art To Grow On Children’s Art Center, Inc. (310) 625-6028