Gingerbread Houses are Here! Ready To-Go!

GingerbreakdHouse Kids Decorating at the Art Box Academy

Gingerbread Cheer is Here!

The biggest! The most candy! The most fun!

A Family Tradtion- Celebrating 20 Years of Gingerbread House Workshops!

Handmade, personally packaged and ready for you!

Thank you to our phenomenal Los Angeles and South Bay community!

Available now for Jumbo Centerpiece To-Go Gingerbread Houses.

Please call us directly to place your order. 

Gingerbread House Decorating at the Art Box Academy
Gingerbread House Decorating with Candy Canes
Gingerbread House from the Art Box Academy

Happy Holidays to you all!

Yes, December is here, coming after fall

Everything has changed but we know one thing for sure

Gingerbread, gumdrops and frosting will not be detoured 

Order your house, cookies too as we will for sure celebreate this year even more so with a big ya-hoo!

Adults, kiddos, grandparents too. We all need a little gingerbread to just get us through!

Gingerbread Cookie with Candy Cane

Jumbo Gingerbread Centerpiece To-Go Kits

Includes: Jumbo Gingerbread House Cake Round Candy Box filled with gumdrops, skittles, gummy bears, candy canes, jelly beans, mints and more!

Santa and his sleigh, deer and presents gallore.

Frosting – yes, tips and pastry bags too

Wishing you a happy holiday from us to you!

Cost: Jumbo Gingerbread House: $100

Jumbo Gingerbread Cookies: $10

Available for Volume Orders and To-Go Parties too!