Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Art Box?
Our Art Boxes are hand-designed customized activity kits filled with projects and crafts featuring our Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Lesson, a Sketching Journal and Markers, a Picture Frame Craft Kit and a Wooden Car or Flower for designing.

Can I Purchase More Then One?
Yes! Each red colorful Art Box is $50 and multiple purchases allow more children to create and experience a true respite and break in their day.

What Do the Patients Do with the Works of Art Once they Complete their Projects?
That’s the best part! It’s like their own Art Gallery! The works of art can be displayed in the patient’s room and provide an incredible platform for dialogue, allowing the conversation focus to be on their amazing creations.

Are the Projects and Supplies Safe?
Yes! All supplies have been vetted by designated labs to ensure complete safety along with receiving approval from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Are There Therapeutic Benefits for the Children?
Yes! For patients 5+, giving these beautiful young patients this gift will allow them to truly take a break from their very personal situations. From isolation units to oncology and heart transplant departments, all will benefit tremendously from engaging in this artistic platform creating a positive, uplifting and joyful experience.

Can I Purchase Art Boxes Anytime Throughout the Year?
Yes! This is an ongoing deeply needed campaign. You may order any time! Valentines Day, Birthdays and more.

Who Can Order?
Absolutely everyone and anyone – Individuals, Families, Schools, Girls Scouts, Boys Scouts, Organizations, Companies.