Sandie Sternberg, CCLS, CPE, Cedars Sinai

As Picasso said, “Every child is an artist” and that includes children and teens who are hospitalized. The Art Box Academy realizes the importance of “creative wellness” and inspires our patients with their Pediatric Art Boxes. The activities included for each age group are thoughtfully presented in a bright, red box. Engagement with the materials begins there. Once a patient opens the box and sees the activities and begins to create, that’s when the true magic happens. Children who may be struggling with pain management, or whose coping skills may be compromised due to illness or injury, find comfort in using their imagination and creativity. The best part is, patients can decorate their rooms with their finished projects and take these positive mementos of being in the hospital home upon discharge. The Art Box Academy enhances the work of a child life specialist by promoting normalcy, coping and resiliency… through art. We are so grateful for our partnership and look forward to the future with awe-inspiring art.