A Commitment To Play

[vc_row section_background=”color” background_color=”#ffffff”][vc_column][vc_column_text]bigstock-kids-playing-hopscotch-10336232-e1483559385842As we kick off 2017, what a great opportunity to renew our commitment to the Art of Play. Our culture is filled with “busyness”…classes, homework, the driving to and from and more. I know that the intensity of the school year no matter if your child is in preschool or middle school is just jammed packed with “things to do”.

I myself needed a little reminder of making sure I was not overscheduling my own two boys so I read again Abraham Maslow’s quote, “Almost all creativity comes from purposeful play”. I was incredibly inspired.

What ways can you ensure your child gets enough time to play no matter the age? Evaluate your week and see what has a little wiggle room to be re-prioritized. Can your kids ride bikes for 20 minutes before homework? Can they skateboard or have friends over for an hour before an assignment is due or a soccer or baseball game or dance class?

These blocks of play time are so important to continue the spirit of discovery, sharpen critical thinking and letting their imagination soar.

I recently hosted an adult business mastermind workshop. Our topic for the evening was: Optimal Thinking and Creativity, Essential Life Skills For Today’s World. My ground rules included: there are no mistakes, this was not a contest, there was no judgment and no winner. After a few laughs, the group realized that the “freedom” to create without thinking about the outcome is what play is all about. As the night progressed each and every participant became more confident, experimented more with the paints and supplies and had an amazing time. It really was an adult night of play.

Hope to see you all on the play ground![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]