The Art Box Academy®

Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter officially launched The Art Box Academy in the spring of 2020 when Art To Grow On Children’s Art Center’s campus programs temporarily closed. Lauren and her team saw an immense need to ensure children and students who were home due to the pandemic and school closures still had access to hands-on innovative creative art lessons and projects.

What evolved as a packaged, portioned and deliverable Art Box filled with great master artist and architecture lessons continued to resonate not only with children at home but additional institutions in need.

The Art Box Academy expanded its product line customizing lessons for non-profit organizations, school districts, camps, pediatric hospitals and luxury resorts filling the gap of closed or modified pediatric playrooms and hotel kids clubs ensuring post pandemic needs were and continue to be met.

Ms. Dennis-Perelmuter and her team believe each and every child has innate talent and has the creative potential to dream, create, innovate and imagine.

“There’s nothing more important than investing in our children to ensure they are optional thinkers and creative human beings.” – LDP

Art Appreciation

Lil’ Sneak Peek … Art in the Classroom!