Art Lesson Packets and Bundles for Resorts

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Art Packets and Bundles for Resorts

Keeping your lil’ guests happy and engaged is priority when they visit your resort and with our Art Lesson Packets and Bundles, there is zero shopping, zero prep and your team can instantly distribute art activities, ensuring the BEST TIME EVER.

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Mondrian Geometric Forms Lesson in the November Modern Art and Maker Box
Art Lesson Packs

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Perfect for party favors, camps, classrooms, celebrations, playdates, resorts, hospitals, and more! The Art Box Academy is here to assist families & organizations with fully prepared, portioned, packaged and delivered Art Lesson Packets for students and campers ages 4-12 years old.

What is an Art Lesson Packet?

An Art Lesson Packet is an individual portioned art lesson inspired by the Great Master Artists and Architects, that emphasizes hands-on learning, sharpens critical thinking, strengthens fine-motor skills, and helps the imagination to soar!

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