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Art and Activity Boxes and Amenities for Resorts

Keep your lil’ guests engaged without any prep or shopping. We know how critical it is for your youngest guests to have an exceptional experience at your hotel or resort.

Service is key and we know when little ones have a great time, parents are over the moon thrilled. Perfect to use for your resorts’ Welcome Box, amenities, VIP guests, birthday parties and more.

Shop Signature Art Boxes

Pelican Hill Resort Presentation
Customized Easter Baskets created for Pelican Hill, Newport Beach

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Miramar Garden Kit
Customized Garden Kits created for Miramar Resort, Montecito

What’s An Art & Activity Box?

Our Art & Activity Boxes feature a Great Master Artist or Architecture Lesson, plus five engaging activities, all portioned, packaged & delivered directly to you!

Kiddos enjoy hours of extended creativity and play all the while developing fine-motor skills, building creative resilience, sharpening critical thinking and enhancing academic success!

For children ages 3-12

All Supplies Included. Zero Shopping Required.

Art & Activity Boxes are perfect for individualized creative learning, small groups, special events, birthday parties, gifts and more

Lil’ Sneak Peek … Art in the Classroom!